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Downtown Cleveland Wedding at the Hilton- Crown Entertainment

Downtown is perhaps one of our favorite areas to do weddings. The city scape, lights, buildings, and atmosphere spark a sense of vibrance.

A popular venue for us to perform at is the Hilton in Downtown Cleveland. Here is a glimpse of one of Crown's recent weddings here.

Behind the scenes:

  • Ceiling Pattern Lighting

  • Full Room LED Uplighting

Slow Dance Lighting
LED Uplighting

Packages range from the top end of LED video walls and lasers, to something a little more in-between as shown here. Our setup includes the LED Glow booth, 2 intelligent moving heads mounted on truss towers, and a powerful PA system to deliver the best sound.

DJ Booth

Once the formalities were over, we kicked things up a notch and turned the room into a high energy party! The open dancefloor started off with an electric Bhangra performance from Spartan Bhangra. Notice the lights changed from green to pink creating a completely different look.

Spartan Bhangra



And of course, we need to throw this gem in there as well.... the bride and groom, Sabiha and Malcom's grand entrance. Complete with spotlights and a cheers of joy!

That's all folks! We'll see you at the next post :)



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