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Big fat Indian wedding at the Marriott downtown Cleveland

Thank you Silki and Anuj for trusting Crown Entertainment to be apart of your special day. To say the least, it was spectacular!

With 3 days of events, and family coming in from all over the world... it was going to be one for the books. Taking the reins on the DJ side, we had DJ SAMIR lead this one. His flexibility and mixing style was a perfect fit for the crowd attending.

Silki and Anuj

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Spotlights during the first dance are a MUST HAVE!

Wedding Garba

Classic Wedding Lighting. This photo features our LED Uplighting package in the exact color choice the bride gave us. We can even use multiple colors to create a vibrant and traditional sangeet feel.

Cleveland Garba

Wedding Garba DJs and more!

Ohio Garba

Ohio Wedding Decor

The wedding mandap!

Wedding Baraat

And of course no wedding is complete without DJ SAMIR and Dholi Rav rocking our the baraat!


Yup, it was LIT....

Marriott Key Center

Classy and elegant, the perfect combination. Our full room lighting complimented the decor very well. The newly remodeled Marriott at Key Center is a great venue with many modern features. Our lighting tech is able to fully control and operate the hotel lights to allow flexibility and freedom to create specific tones.


The last song of the night looked like this...

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