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Hilton Downtown Cleveland - Indian Wedding - Crown Entertainment

Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year for our team. We had the pleasure of performing at 7 different events all across the midwest. One of our favorites though was held at none other than the Hilton in Downtown Cleveland. Known for its large space and modern look, the Hilton is the perfect venue for your next wedding.

Downtown Cleveland Baraat

We've lost count of how many baraats we've done at this point, but one thing that will never get old is the backdrop of Cleveland as we make the city our dancefloor.

Hilton Cleveland Lighting

Lighting TRANSFORMS rooms, and the space at the Hilton Cleveland is no different. Crown Entertainment provided full room LED uplighting and pattern lighting to create a stunning visual appeal which really accented the decor and florals.

DJ Samir Cleveland

DJ SAMIR rocking the dancefloor as usual.

Indian Wedding Cleveland

Crowd interaction and making sure everyone has a great time is what we do.

DJ Samir Cleveland

The bride and groom, Swathi and Roy!

Indian Party Cleveland

These photos were provided by making the moment, and we can't thank them enough for always delivering these shots for us.

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